Augmented Reality Tap To Play Video

Augmented Reality Tap To Play Video

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Otzzy is pleased to introduce our "Patent-Pending" augmented reality, tap-to-play video service! Now, you can seamlessly upload and store your videos or video messages with our user-friendly interface.

Uploading your heartfelt videos or video messages is as simple as downloading our mobile phone app. Inside the app, select the Otzzy website where the order was placed, enter the order number, and let our intuitive interface preserve your videos, allowing you to cherish them for years to come.

Product Features:

Integrates personal videos or video messages
Transform videos into cherished memories
Relive moments through tap and play
Requires cellular service for operation

One personal video or video message
One video upload for connectivity

Please Note:

Otzzy app needs to be downloaded in order to upload customers personal videos.

Cellular service is required for optimal functionality. Compatibility limitations apply: These devices are not compatible: Oneplus2, Motorola G, Apple iPad, APPLE iPhone 5c, 5s, and 6 (APPLE iPhone 7, 8, or X with IOS13 or earlier, will need Apple's NFC reader app installed), Osaifu Keitai, Felicia, ZTE N880E, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, BlackBerry 9220, Kyocera Echo, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Android 2.3 and below.

Join the future of personalized video gifting and relive your cherished memories like never before!

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